CIID provides guidance and capacity building on infrastructure contract management for use by both the public sector and the private sector. This applies to PPP contracts (long-term, complex contracts which are capital intensive in the early stages, involve payment on commencement of service and for performance) and to traditional procured design/bid/build contracts.

CIID understands the key principles of contract management, and builds the capacity of the public sector in establishing an effective contract management team and building a successful long-term relationship with the private sector service provider. We understand what is required to manage service performance and administer the contract, from practical experience gained from both the government and private sector perspective, and how to incorporate the good practice and lessons learned from international PPP contracts.

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CIID provides a strategic route map for project directors and contract managers who are procuring or managing operational PPP projects. We build their capacity to manage a PPP contract effectively from financial close, through the construction or investment phase and for the entire operational period.

CIID's advice, guidance and capacity building draws on the experience of members of the CIID team who have been responsible either on the government or on the private sector side of managing operational PPP projects.

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