A common cause of project failure is inadequate knowledge. This applies at every stage, from initial planning, to funding structures, partnerships, international resources, implementation and management. In the emerging markets, many urgent priority PPP projects do not even reach contract stage.

Knowledge of good practice exists; it is a matter of making it available at the right place and the right time, to the right people.

CIID is compiling a directory of best practice, and aims to cover all important infrastructure areas and all stages of project development. Read more...

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Large infrastructure projects involve very substantial financial and other risks. Often, there is little quantitative information on the results of previous projects or on the relative merits of different project methodologies, capacity building exercises, partnerships structures or funding methods. This lack of information increases the level of risk.

CIID includes research in its project protocols and is compiling a record of the efficacy of the components of infrastructure projects, including:

  • Project methodology and structure
  • Capacity building exercises
  • Partnership structures
  • Funding methods and structures

CIID is developing a suite of research methodologies with its academic partner institutions. Read more about our academic partners


The CIID team and associates have extensive experience across a broad range of infrastructure sectors and capabilities. Our experience is that there is a dearth of knowledge about infrastructure project implementation and results. Often, some information exists, but has to be tracked down. Where the key players in a project are unaware of relevant data regarding previous projects – and this is often the case – inefficient practices are sustained, and information about best (or even good) practice is not included in project design or implementation.

As a result, projects fail, exceed their budget or finish late, or do not get off the ground. These failures put additional pressure on national resources and the existing infrastructure. Furthermore, they deter the private sector and finance houses from further involvement in projects.

Online and offline resources

To combat this deficiency, CIID is compiling online and offline knowledge resources. These will include:

  • Catalogue of projects organised by sector
  • Grading of success of projects according to key performance factors
  • Analysis of projects that have failed to reach contract or implementation
  • Project structures and partnerships, and their performance according to sector and geography
  • PPP methodologies as applied in various sectors and countries
  • International players in infrastructure development: companies, consultants and sources of funding
  • International experts in each sector
  • Policies and activities of regional multilateral organisations
  • Policies of national governments and their impact on successful infrastructure development

These knowledge resources will be deployed in assisting the players in infrastructure projects to create the best framework for success.

CIID welcomes the participation of professionals and organisations in creating this knowledge resource. Join Us

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