Our programmes range from short workshops (½ day seminars or 2 to 3 day workshops) up to part-time programmes of 18 months duration leading to a recognised post-graduate qualification.


We offer programmes for all levels of an organisation:

  • Permanent Secretaries or Chief Secretaries in government departments and senior managers in the private sector
  • Specialists: senior and middle managers, technical specialists, lawyers, procurement officers and financing specialists
  • Junior managers and supervisors
  • Skills training programmes for staff and new recruits to an industry


The core CIID team and our associates are experts in our respective fields, with senior experience as government officials and private sector practitioners. We cover a broad range of sectors and have set up sector practice groups to enhance the creation and delivery of programmes offering practical knowledge of best practice.

Please follow the links below for further information about our approach to improving implementation capability in infrastructure sector and a summary of programmes

In addition to sector-specific capacity building we have specialist knowledge in areas including:

  • public private partnerships
  • financial modelling
  • project management
  • legal issues
  • business development
  • risk management
  • procurement management
  • contract management
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • stakeholder management
  • negotiation

We have run programmes to help government departments and officials:

  • develop their infrastructure strategy and plans
  • identify the best projects
  • prepare solid business cases
  • run an open and transparent procurement
  • negotiate with the private sector
  • manage contracts and projects

We are experts in developing and delivering bespoke training and capacity building programmes for host governments, companies, private firms and NGOs on their premises.

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