Standard management models and methodologies have been developed for various categories of development projects. The efficiency and relevance of these models are relatively well understood. However, in practice, there is often poor take-up of this knowledge, and inappropriate management systems may be put in place.

Different projects require different management structures and methods, and they also vary according to the stage of development of the project. A management structure that is appropriate for the planning stage of a project may well be completely unsuitable for implementation or later handover of the project.

Capacity building is an important element of effective management, and is often overlooked. Government departments and companies often hold on to management styles and systems they have used in the past when they take up a new project or have to extend their expertise to a new sector.

The CIID team are familiar with the management models and structures that are most appropriate over a range of sectors, including factors such as:

  • Stage of project development and implementation
  • Whether the project is being implemented by a government department, the private sector or by a Public Private Partnership
  • International participation in the project
  • The level of infrastructure development in the country
  • The existing level of management expertise

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Capacity building is often neglected in developing the management capability for implementing new projects. Effective organisational management and project management in infrastructure require state-of-the-art knowledge and the expertise to apply this knowledge to real life situations.

CIID is experienced in capacity building for infrastructure, and can recommend and implement the necessary capacity building programmes. We focus on work-based learning methods. As a result, the capacity building exercises lead to practical improvements in project management.

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