To assist in the creation of a better quality of life for all through the development and implementation of resilient, affordable and sustainable infrastructure solutions in the Commonwealth


To develop sustainable and effective infrastructure to ensure that the whole population can have their share of increased prosperity and access to education, health care and employment

To create solutions for emerging economies to develop infrastructure that is on a par with that of the developed nations but at a cost that is affordable

To work to fill the large deficit in implementation capability by providing opportunities for local talent and enterprise to develop

To assist in integrating modernisation with traditional lifestyle, in particular by integrating urban and industrial development with the needs of the rural economy, on which a large proportion of the Commonwealth population still depends, and for which many Commonwealth countries depend for their self-sufficiency in food

To identify innovative solutions in developed economies, which face their own infrastructure challenges of worn out and outmoded infrastructure, at a time when the high price of its replacement is often beyond the national budget and the required work is in congested cities or on overstretched road, rail and communication networks, placing a large burden on the existing infrastructure and the population

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